Come and visit the Ameland Beach Rugby Festival! Even if you are not a participant, but a supporter of one of the teams, or just a lover of (beach) rugby, you can visit the event.

The festival attracts approximately 7,000 visitors every year.

During the festival, you can enjoy delicious food, drinks, and great beach rugby matches. See the pros and enthusiasts in action.

Transport and accommodation

Ameland is easily accessible via a ferry service. On the island itself, you can move around with your own transport (car, bicycle) or public transport. Read all about how to get to the island here.

Do you want to spend the night on the island during the events? You can! Ameland has various camping grounds, inns, hostels, and hotels.

Beach Parties

Music is of course an essential part of a festival. During the festival, you can enjoy listening to cool DJs and artists in three large party tents.

Food, drink and catering

Make use of our catering service during the festival. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the beach, we take care of it!

Get to know your teammates and other players better by eating together.

In addition to our catering, there are many other options for delicious food and drinks

Festival grounds

Do you want to know what you can find where? We will publish the map and the daily schedule just before the start of the festival.


Read moment by moment and day by day what the schedule looks like. We will publish the program just before the start of the festival.