10.00RC Waterland/NLNothern Lions/GER
10.15RC The WrottersASRV Ascrum 2/NL
10.30Rotterdamse RC/NLFeanster RFC
10.45RC Waterland/NLRC The Wrotters
11.00Nothern Lions/GERASRV Ascrum 2/NL
11.15Rotterdamse RC/NLRC Nieuwegein/NL
11.30RC Waterland/NLASRV Ascrum 2/NL
11.45Nothern Lions/GERRC The Wrotters
12.00Feanster RFCRC Nieuwegein/NL
12.15RC Waterland/NLRotterdamse RC/NL
12.30Nothern Lions/GERFeanster RFC
12.45RC The WrottersRC Nieuwegein/NL
13.00RC Waterland/NLFeanster RFC
13.15Nothern Lions/GERRotterdamse RC/NL
13.30ASRV Ascrum 2/NLRC Nieuwegein/NL
13.45RC The WrottersRotterdamse RC/NL
14.00RC Waterland/NLRC Nieuwegein/NL
14.15ASRV Ascrum 2/NLFeanster RFC
14.30Nothern Lions/GERRC Nieuwegein/NL
14.45RC The WrottersFeanster RFC
15.00ASRV Ascrum 2/NLRotterdamse RC/NL