Rules in regard to persons under the age of 18


  • all attendees on the festival site have a wristband that covers the entire weekend ends (so there is no one without a wristband)
  • without a wristband, no alcoholic drink will be served to anyone, regardless of age
  • wristbands are mandatory in the evening during beach parties.


  • are under the responsibility of a participating team (via team manager)
  • if not associated with a team after identity check by festival organization wristbands are reinforced.


Law enforcement will happen in case of:

  • all persons to whom it is not permitted by law to sell alcohol, to indicate whether or not they are allowed to drink it themselves, all have a red wristband.
  • everyone must be able to identify themselves
  • teams share responsibility for wearing red wristbands and are responsible for the minors they brought with them with regard to the enforcement of alcohol policy.
  • the team manager is responsible for ensuring that visitors associated with his group have the get the right straps on
  • in the evening/night there are security guards they, among other things, do straps controls