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How do i register?

If you klick on the button registration you find a link to the digital online registration form. Please fill in the form. If you see the name of your team on the website you know that we received your registration. You see a link to the “ teams “on the same page as the registration form.

What is the entrance fee and how do I pay?

The entrance fee for 2020 is € 300,- per team including VAT. For the entrance fee you get:

  • participate of 1 team in the competition of your choice
  • a special match ball per team
  • everyone in your group in the party gets free entrance to the beach parties on Friday and Saturday night
  • a souvenir for the team

After you have registered via the internet we will send you an invoice for the entrance fee together  with all our bank details. When we receive your payment your registration is definite. Until we receive the payment it’s a ‘ First come first serve” policy, only after the payment are you sure of your place. In case of “no show” there will be no refund of the entrance fee.

How do I get to the Island by public transport?

After arriving in the Netherlands you need to go to a city in the north of the country called “Leeuwarden”. The best way to get there is by train. Look at (the website of the Dutch National Railway) for the train times. Just use the train planner on the NS web site. When you arrive in Leeuwarden you have to get on the bus to “Holwerd”, the town where the harbour is. You will find the bus stops just outside the train station. If you arrive on Friday you probably will see a lot of other rugby players getting in that bus because it’s the only means of getting to Holwerd by public transport. The distance between “Leeuwarden” and “Holwerd” is about 25 KM.

What does the ferry service cost and how do I book?

The ferry goes from Holwerd to the island Ameland and it takes about 45 minutes to get there. If you are going by foot on the ferry, you don’t need to make a reservation upfront, you just buy a ticket at the gate. If you want to bring a car or coach to the island you have to make a reservation. Please do this in time, in the weekend of the festival the ferry service is very very busy!!You can either book the ferry by telephone #31 (0)519 54 61 11 (reservations and information) or look at the website There is an online reservation possibility. You also will find the up to date prices.

ferry by the telephone #31 (0)519 54 61 11 (reservations and information) or look at the website There is an online reservation possibility. You also will find al the last details of the costs.

How do I reserve accommodation?

There are several possibilities for accommodation on Ameland:

  • stay on the campsite in tents (package 3) Beach Rugby Camping
  • stay in a hotel
  • stay in an apartment
  • stay in a youth hostel
  • stay in a farmhouse


  • Close to the festival area is a camp site called Duinoord.
  • For making a reservations for a hotel, farmhouse or an apartment you can get help from the Ameland tourist office. Contact details are:

VVV Ameland mailbox 14 9163 ZL Nes/Ameland, Netherlands phone: #31 (0)519-546546 fax: #31 (0)519-542932 E-mail: homepage:

How can I arrange food?

We provide a full service catering service on the festival site.

  • all weekend full service catering
  • reasonable prices
  • advance booking is cheaper!
  • There is a lunch break on Saturday!

Dutch Grill Store is an experienced and dynamic catering company that understands what is needed for a Rugby weekend away; many services, nice price, and lots of good food.

  • You can book the catering at package 2.
What about transport on the island?

There are several means of transport:

  • Rent a bike and you are free to go! Everything on the island is within cycling distance. There are a lot of special cycle paths. You can rent a bike when you arrive on the island, or make a reservation in advance. If you look at, stay in the Dutch language part of the website, click on the “a – z” bullet, then under the F from “Fietsenverhuur” and you will see all the addresses for renting a bike
  • There is public transport on the island.
  • There is a very good taxi service on the island which is not very expensive; they are an official partner of the festival, Cosi taxi. The phone number is #31 (0)519-543200, or make reservations through
  • A lot of things are within walking distance
What is the program?

The program is not set yet, but this gives you an idea, and there will not be many changes:
Thursday 11th June
20.00 p.m.      Early Birds Evening Some teams train/play already a little bit on the beach
Friday 12th June
9.00 a.m.        School tournament for the Ameland primary and secondary schools
12.00 a.m.      Prize giving by the Mayor of Ameland
14.00 p.m.      Festival reception open, registering teams, collecting competition program
21.00 p.m.      Start beach party
23.00 p.m.      Festival reception closed, all teams have to be registered.  

Saturday 13th June
9.15 a.m.        Gathering on the beach
9.30 a.m.       start all competitions
17.30 p.m.      end of all competitions
21.00 p.m.      start official beach party
Sunday 14th June
9.30 a.m.        all teams present
10.00 a.m.      start qualification rounds (all teams still play at least 3 matches)
14.45 p.m.      prize giving
15.00 p.m.      official closing of the Ameland Beach Rugby Festival 2018   There are a lot of parties still going on from Sunday to Monday in several bars.

How is the competition organized?

For the competition format, we have a basic set of principles:

  • Everyone plays as much rugby as possible, at his or her own level
  • sufficient number of matches at the weekend
  • stimulating to also play in the Sunday match program

All teams start on the Saturday in seeded pools of up to 8 teams. On Sunday it splits, based on the ranking of the Saturday pools, and sees the program as follows:

  • All numbers 1 teams, and the 6 best number 2 teams play for the Mens Open Dutch Championship Cup (16 teams)
  • Remaining numbers 2, numbers 3, 4, 5,6 and the 4 best numbers 7 play for the Shield Championship, (48 teams)
  • Remaining numbers 7 and all numbers 8 play for the recreational Championship, the Plate (16 teams)
  • In case of fewer teams the number of teams that play in the shield will be adjusted


  • Numbers 1, 2, 3 and the best number 4 play for the Ladies Open Dutch Championships Cup (16 teams)
  • Remaining numbers 4, all numbers 5, 6 and the best 2 numbers 7 games  go to the Shield Championship (16 teams)
  • Remaining numbers 7 and all numbers 8 play for the Recreational Championship, the Plate (8 teams)
  • in case of fewer teams the number of teams that play in the Open Dutch Championships cup will be adjusted


Available trophies

Open Dutch Championships of both women and men  (Cup)

  • official trophy of the competition (stays on the island)
  • trophies for winner and place 2 and 3

Shield competition women and men

  • Official trophy of the competition (stays on the island)
  • Trophy for winner

Recreational competition women and men (Plate)

  • official trophy of the competition
  • Trophy for winner

Trophies for Veterans Men

  • official trophy of the competition
  • Trophies for place 1,2,3
What to do after arrival?

If you arrive early on the island on Friday you can check in your accommodation first. After 14.00 p.m. the festival reception is open on the beach. The team captain or manager can collect the latest information about the tournament, the programs and the official festival rugby ball. And if you arrive early (or on Thursday) you can always support/watch the beach rugby tournament for the schools in the morning. If you arrive late on the Friday, after 18.00 p.m. please let the team captain/manager directly go to the reception to collect the information before he/she checks into the accommodation.

captain/manager directly go to the reception to collect the information before he/she checks in the accommodation.

Use of the logo of the festival

The logo of the festival is protected. You only can use it with written permission of the organization. We gave the company called “Blades” in the Netherlands an exclusive license on the logo. You can also make contact with Blades to arrange use of the logo and maybe order (rugby) shirts etc. There is always a special shirt of the festival available that you can buy as a souvenir. If you order upfront for your team you get a special offer.

Contact details are:

Blades Netherlands

Bart Snijders



Phone: #31 (0)561-451253

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