Food, drinks and catering

On the festival site, we offer complete care for you, your players and supporters, and that for a friendly price. Breakfast service, lunch, and dinner, everything can be booked via this website. After the games, you can have a nice meal on the beach.

In addition, there are plenty of restaurants on Ameland where you can eat. Some restaurants have special menus during the weekend. It is advisable to make a reservation in the restaurant of your choice to avoid disappointment; it can get very busy.

Catering menu

During the festival you can enjoy food and drinks on the beach! You pay with coins during the festival. Do you want to be sure your plate is ready? Order now via the website. You can book a breakfast/lunch package and a plate (dinner) package.

Breakfast campsite

  • Fresh fruit (1.5 coins)
  • Yogurt with fruit (1.5 coins)

Breakfast and lunch box

  • Healthy sandwich
  • Fresh juice
  • Fruit with yogurt

(Cost total: 3.5 coins)

Grill House (from 14.00 hrs)

  • Satay (2 coins)
  • Beef burger sandwich (2 coins)
  • Ham sandwich (2 coins)
  • Warm meat (2 coins)
  • Hot dog (2 coins)
  • Spare ribs (3 coins)

Plates (from 17 till 21 hrs)

  • Rugby burger with fried potatoes and fresh salad (5 coins)
  • Spare ribs with fried potatoes and fresh salad (5 coins)
  • Satay with fried rice and atjar (5 coins)
  • Hot chicken sandwich (5 coins)

(from 11 uur)

  • French fries (1 coin)
  • Frikandel (1 coin)
  • Croquette (1 coin)
  • Bami slice (1 coin)
  • Cheese Soufle (1 coin)
  • Meatballs (1.5 coins)

Additional price sandwich: 1/2 coin


  • Ham (1.5 coins)
  • Cheese (1.5 coins)
  • Healthy (2 coins)
  • Chicken curry (2 coins)
  • Bone ham (2 coins)
  • Hot chicken (2 coins)
  • Brie (2 coins)

Book Food, drinks and catering

Enjoying food and drinks on the beach? You can now also book for you and your team online. This prevents hassle during the festival and your food is ready when you start to get hungry!

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