Below are the house rules for this event.

  1. You must be able to show identification on request. It is mandatory to carry proof of identity in the form of a driver’s license, passport or ID card.
  2. There is a Zero-Tolerance drug policy.
  3. No alcohol under 18. When entering the event site, a red wristband is worn for persons under the age of 18.
  4. Security officers have the right to search you and to check your bags at the entrance, and if there is a suspicion of violation on the site. If this request is refused, you may be removed from the festival site or banned.
  5. Entering the festival site is at your own risk.
  6. The organization and staff on duty cannot be held liable for any injury and/or material damage that visitors to the festival may experience. The organization is also not responsible for lost and/or stolen personal belongings.
  7. It is in any case not allowed to bring your own drinks and/or food, drugs, glassware, fireworks, sticks, weapons and/or objects that can be used as a weapon or as a means of disturbing the peace to the festival site. or available or in possession.
  8. Showing sexual harassment and racist or otherwise discriminatory behavior towards fellow guests and/or staff is not tolerated. If this is found, immediate eviction will follow.
  9. Wearing clothing with, in the opinion of employees and/or organization, discriminatory, provocative and/or hurtful texts is not allowed.
  10. No alcohol is served to persons who are visibly intoxicated and/or disturb the order.
  11. Crowdsurfing is prohibited.
  12. Persons who disturb the order will be denied access to the festival site.
  13. Visitors are prohibited from staying in a part of the event area other than that to which the admission ticket entitles them.
  14. When leaving the event site, the validity of the admission ticket expires.
  15. It is not allowed to enter or stay on the site under the influence of drugs, medication or any other substance that can negatively influence the behaviour.
  16. It is prohibited to throw objects and/or liquids on the site.
  17. Bringing dogs or other animals is prohibited.
  18. In the event of destruction of property of the organizer or of the collaborating companies, the damage will be recovered from the offender.
  19. Visitors are obliged to comply with the regulations and/or directions of the organization and employees on duty, on pain of removal.
  20. Violation of the house rules will result in the team in question being removed from the competition and banned from participation for the following year.

The organisation