There are several options for booking accommodation on Ameland:

• Camping with a tent on the campsite costs € 65,-/ per person/for the whole weekend and can be booked via our website.
• Stay in a hotel.
• Stay in an apartment.
• Stay in the youth hostel.
• Stay in a camping farm.

It is best to ask the help of the tourist office on Ameland to reserve a hotel or apartment. The contact details are:

Tourist Office Ameland


The organisation of the campsite is in the hands of the Ameland Beach Rugby Festival. With our own camping mayor, it will be a fantastic overnight stay. The camping is located on the location on the camping site of Duinoord. You can reserve your spot via the website.

House rules campsite:
1. The campsite is open from Friday 10:00 till Sunday (2 nights). The campsite is only accessible with an Ameland Beach Rugby Festival Camping wristband.
2. Think about the night’s rest of fellow campers, especially between 24:00 and 07:00.
3. Keep the campsite clean! Please dispose of your waste in the appropriate waste containers.
4. Sanitary facilities (running water, showers) are available, please use them properly.
5. There is a limited power supply at the campsite, aggregates are not allowed.
6. Security is present at the campsite. In the event of disturbances, they are authorised to remove you from the site. Instructions from the security personnel must be followed at all times.
7. The organisation cannot be held liable for personal injury and/or loss or damage of goods.
8. If situations arise for which these regulations do not provide, the security and/or the organisation will decide.
9. Tap installations with kegs and carbon dioxide bottles are prohibited from this festival.
10. Gas fires and installations are prohibited by order of the fire brigade for safety reasons. Gas bottles up to 250 grams are allowed, it is strongly recommended to use a gas bottle with a screw thread or valve connection.
11. Fire is a safety risk, especially with so many tents together. Open fire (= campfires, torches, candles, stoves, coal barbecues, etc.) is therefore strictly prohibited!
12. Music installations are muted from 23:00 to 07:00, if there is too much noise, the music installations will be confiscated.
13. Commercial Activities. It is not allowed for the campers to trade food, drink, drugs, tickets or whatever.
14. There is a zero-tolerance policy for drugs, using or being in possession of drugs leading to immediate removal from the campsite.

Can I come to the campsite with a van/camper?
This is possible, and you do not need to reserve or report this. Please note that you will then be on a separate camper field and cannot put a tent next to the van. There is no electricity available here and your van/camper has to stay until Sunday so it cannot be used as a means of transport!